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Note: Created for Ludum Dare 38 Jam. Gameplay is limited.

A Better Out There is about spreading new life across a new universe. You play as a Curator of worlds, tasked by the Creator to spread his creations to new worlds. You control your small world by shrinking it at will and moving it throughout your universe.

Best played with an XBox 360 Controller.

Expanded World Controls: A = Open inventory (Must be in front of Curator's Home - The one without the windmill) Y = Shrink your world

Shrunk World Controls: Y = Expand your world (Deactivated it you are too close to another world) A = Hold to move forward Left Analog ( 'A' released ) = Walk around your world Left Analog ( 'A' held ) = Steer left or right

Install instructions

Please download and unzip.


ABetterOutThere_v0_Win.zip 18 MB

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